Our Special Sauces

The Quest for Perfect BBQ starts here, at Phil’s Dream Pit . Phil believes his meats are tasty enough on their own, but sauces are the magic touch.

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We prepare our bbqs fresh every day with a consistency that is hard to beat in the bbq world. Bee it pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, sweet ribs, chicken or turkey, you will love our meats.

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Our Team

Driving around Kingsport, Johnson City or Bristol TN looking for the best bbq you can find? Phil’s Dream Pit should be where you end up. Equal distance from the three cities, Johnson City, Bristol and Kingsport TN, Phil’s Dream Pit offers great bbq, awesome side dishes and sweet Southern hospitality, all with easy access to I-26 and I-81.

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The Quest for Perfect BBQ

Our Special Sauces

Original Sweet Sauce

This sauce has a nice smooth, sweet, tangy flavor. Perfect for covering pork, beef or chicken. Use as a baste or glaze. Also use as flavoring in meatloaf, stews, even on your eggs!!

Sweet Fire Sauce

Same as the sweet sauce, only kicked up with habanero powder. Not too hot, just a nice warm flavor.

What Our Customers are Saying

Best BBQ place in town!!!!! The chicken salad is my new favorite item one I had never tried until I was given a sample! Now it’s my weekly trip to have it for my lunches through out the week! If I am not grabbing chicken salad then I am usually getting the BBQ for the whole family! The staff is so amazing they work so hard and the food is always fresh and given to you so quickly! You must try this place at least once I promise it will be a family gathering place and meal for you forever! Thank you all for always making mouth watering food that keeps me coming back every week!

Samantha Dotson

Ok people! I have had Phil’s barbeque pulled pork every time I have been there which is plenty of times, and I love it. For the first time, i had the turkey sandwich. Turkey with lettuce, tomato and onion. I love mayonnaise and mustard, both of which I had with me. However, I took one bite of sandwich before adding the mayo and mustard and decided not to out any on. This is great by itself. If you want some other than BBQ, get this. It’s awesome.

Roger Mize

All around my favorite in the TRI. Great service. How many places has that good of food yet is fast enough to beat you to your table!!! The pork wing meal is amazing. I’m usually not a fan of BBQ beans, but their beans are a meal experience in of themselves. I have never had a bad plate there. Great people. I’m thankful for their success. Keep supporting them.

Matt Ballard

I recently stopped in for the Pork Dream Pack to go. One of the young men employed there told me about the Blackberry sauce and gave me a sample. For those who have not tried this, you don’t know what you’re missing. Phil’s has definitely got a new customer for life! I love barbecue when it’s done right and the folks at Phil’s know how to do it perfectly!

Charlotte McClellan Billheimer

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